The evolution of speech pathology practice begins here

Evolved Therapy

Working with you to evolve your breathing, eating & communication

Every person deserves to breathe, eat & speak with ease

Evolved Therapy provides a unique approach to speech & swallow treatment.

Starting with breathing we build a foundation to set you up for eating & communication success you’ve yet to experience.

What makes EVOLVED work for you


Proper breathing has many health benefits. 

Breathing is a basic function that supports speaking and eating. 

Breathing allows the nervous system to relearn patterns and retain them.

Oral Myofunctional

Oral resting posture impacts breathing, sleeping, eating and speaking.

Just like any muscle group  exercise makes function better. 

When traditional therapy has stopped working or is slow to progress we dig deeper.

Acquired disorders head and neck cancer or stroke may cause muscle changes needing special methods of treatment.

Hybrid Delivery

All growth occurs in an  environment where we can be comfortable. Hybrid delivery allows you to be in your space or in clinic.

Improved carryover of gains into a natural environment.

More flexibility in scheduling.

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    Have Questions?

     Email me directly at to get in touch and I’ll get back with you within 24 hours.

    "My granddaughter has grown by leaps and bounds with Erin’s professional help"

    "Erin looked at my granddaughter and immediately was able to identify - weak jaw muscles with tight muscles around her mouth. I am still amazed she had the ability to see the problem before even touching her. Upon further evaluation she detected a tongue tie. Erin has worked with us to eliminate choking and eating issues. She not only provides my granddaughter virtual services but she has supported her and her family through surgery, gains, and set backs. The best thing about Erin is she has made a connection with my granddaughter and my granddaughter can’t wait for her speech sessions so she can see and play with Erin."
    Grandmother/Retired Special Education Teacher