Is your child is struggling with eating, breathing, sleeping, or communication ?

Evolved Therapy can help

  • Treatment based in evidence and strengths.
  • Breathing as a foundation.
  • Oral motor and myofunctional approaches based on age & needs of your child.
  • Multi-sensory learning to support communication and feeding.

Process for Getting Started

Who Can Benefit?


with disrupted sleep, open mouth breathing, tongue ties or other TOTS.

with diagnoses on the autism spectrum or other neurological, genetic, or chromosomal difference. 

who are have trouble articulating sounds properly or other communication challenges.

or babies with difficulty feeding.

and toddlers showing signs of picky eating.

Why This Model?

Communication and feeding therapy centering on your child’s strengths.

Neurodiversity affirming practices.

Applies traditional speech, language, feeding principles and then goes a level beyond

Breathing and oral myofunctional skills are key to all treatment programs.

We meet you where you are both literally and in learning modalities. 

Non-clinical Consultations

Are you looking for expert advice for working  with your child’s school, daycare, or other team members.

Professional consultation to help you understand systems, limitations, and develop strategies allowing you to have confidence in your child’s care across environments.

Get information to empower you as the parent to inform the team working with your child. 


Ways we will connect to achieve your goals.

In Person Therapy

In your home or child’s daycare/school facility.

Telehealth Visits

Primary mode of delivery.  Flexible scheduling & caregiver/family inclusion. 

Non-clinical Consultation

Expert advice for navigating complicated systems that overwhelm or limit gains.

Have Questions?

Email me directly at to get in touch and I’ll get back with you within 24 hours.

"We Will forever be grateful for her help "

Having a child born at 23 weeks has come with a lot of challenges, one of the biggest being an oral aversion that lead to feeding and swallowing issues. When we first met Erin, Riley wasn’t able to eat or drink anything and was 100% dependent on tube feedings. With her expertise and the confidence she was able to give me to trust my instincts as a mom we were able to help Riley start drinking and eating on her own. It was a long and hard process, one we still work on everyday, but without Erin I don’t know where we would be on our journey.