Breathing, Eating, Speaking:
a Whole Systems Approach to Speech Therapy

Evolved Therapy combines Erin’s professional experience with a personal passion for treating  people throughout the lifespan so they can eat, communicate and enjoy their life. 

Welcome to Evolved Therapy

More than the Basics

Erin Browning is a masters educated Speech Language Pathologist who’s practice has spanned more than 20 years.  She spent the majority of her career working in rural health which provided her an opportunity to treat patients across the lifespan. Her ideas led her to develop courses and teach medical professionals nationally for more than a decade. She has extensive expertise in feeding and swallowing with a variety of diagnoses.  


Erin is former president of the WV Board of Examiners for Speech Pathology & Audiology and former member of ASHA’s Committee of Ambassadors.  She also served as chairperson for WV Autism Supportive Center, a hub for alternative treatments, agriculture centered programs, & nature-based learning for neurodiverse individuals and their families.  


Beyond the Clinic Walls

Many of you are living with life challenges you didn’t expect with a diagnosis or with your child’s diagnosis.

Erin has a unique take on mining difficult life moments to find fulfillment. Below you can learn more about her life and work outside the clinic that makes her a rare find as a speech pathologist. 

Workshops & Speaking

As a leader in the field of communication and swallowing sciences Erin has developed seminars, & presentations nationally for a variety of organizations. Please email for workshop requests, podcast appearances, summits and keynotes. 

Medical Conferences

Erin’s unique skill set and integrative methods approach has been shared with many partners over the past decade.  Interested in having her at your event? Click below to tell me what you’re looking for.

Keynote Speaker

She is available for online and in person keynote speaking. My areas of expertise include: self regulation for better health, continuum of care in aging and dementia, eating challenges in neurodiverse people, eating challenges in the acquired neurological disorders.

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Title of your offer here | $97

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Enjoy some of my previous podcast appearances.

The Erika Oley Show: Leaning Into Love and Not Fear

Erin and Erika discuss Erin’s story of partner loss, journey as a widow and how her life changed in the blink of an eye. After her partner died, she experienced heartbreak like never before and wasn’t prepared for its depths. Erin gives advice for new grievers, as well as touches upon how year two can be very different from the experience of grief in year one. She is a beacon of hope and light for anyone who has lost their way and is proof that there is joy and healing after heartbreak.

The Life Shift: Permission to Let Go at a Devastating Moment

Erin talks about witnessing the sudden death of her partner. It was sudden and tragic, but the conversation centers around the signs around her on the day of the tragedy.

Listen as Erin shares moments about his passing that truly affected how she would go on without her partner. She hopes you can take moments away from the conversation about death, grief, purpose, and how we can all learn from the little moments that come before.

Finally, hear what Erin would tell others facing the loss of someone so close.

Jenny Lisk: Stepparenting After Your Partner Dies

We’re talking about being a stepparent who has grieving stepkids when your spouse—their parent—dies. Erin is very thoughtful on this topic, because she’s seen it from both sides: her dad died when she was in college and was married to her stepmother, and now she is stepmother herself to a grieving teen after her partner died.

"We do speech therapy in our home, which is the only place our son was comfortable."

Virtual health has been such an amazing experience, the combination of being online with the therapist and the therapist herself Erin Browning, we have seen such a huge improvement. In literally just one session Erin provided not only a therapy session but also provided us with resources such as potty training, eating suggestions, how to help with melt downs, and the biggest one of all she provided us with the resources that changed our lives forever, which was a doctor who listened to the patient like she does and my son FINALLY got diagnosed with Autism
Mother of a 6 year old with autism

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