Do you or your loved one have an acquired diagnosis that affects breathing, sleeping, eating, cognition, or communication?

Evolved Therapy can help

  • Evidence based treatment for speech and swallowing disorders.
  • Functionals tiered practice eating and speaking.
  • Communication, swallowing and voice therapy individualized specific to your needs and disorder.
  • Focused on restoring and sustaining gains with myofunctional therapy.

Process for Getting Started

Who Can Benefit?

People with :

neurological diagnosis including stroke, dementia, Alzheimers, head injury, ALS, MS and other disorders.

sleep apnea or other disrupted sleep patterns.

voice disorders, muscle tension dysphonia or TMJ disorder.

or recovering from head and neck cancer

difficulty swallowing including pain/discomfort, food sticking, difficulty chewing, coughing, excessive throat clearing, or choking.

tongue ties or other restricted oral tissues.

Why This Model?

A proactive approach to eating and communication therapy.

Underlying systems of breathing and nervous system cause deficits in the basic functions of eating and speaking. EVOLVED works directly with these systems.

Orofacial Myofunctional treatment targets muscle function that is abnormal and contributes to functional difficulties. 

Hybrid model of delivery and private services allow us to determine specifics of your plan and provide maintenance options once goals are met.

Non-clinical Consultations

Do you need expert advice when you or your family member has eating, cognitive or communication challenges?

Professional consultation that examines your entire care plan and how the aforementioned skills might be better addressed. 

Get information to empower you before crisis occurs.

Ways we will connect to achieve your goals.

In Person Therapy

In your home or assisted living facility.

Telehealth Visits

Primary mode of delivery.  Flexible scheduling & caregiver/family inclusion. 

Non-clinical Consultation

Expert advice for navigating complicated systems that overwhelm you or limit gains.

Have Questions?

Email me directly at to get in touch and I’ll get back with you within 24 hours.


I took my voice for granted until my dysphonia started to deteriorate even more. I decided to give speech therapy a try. We started out with two but now I have one 30 minute session a week because I progressed. We work on breathing which is a major problem for me and other exercises aimed at strengthening my voice. I know my voice will never be 100% because of other health problems but the improvement made is major to me. THANK YOU ERIN
Margaret N
Voice Patient